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Case Studies

Cosi Care

Cosi Care is the brainchild of young Entrepreneur Lauren Bell. It’s a patented hand held device that combines a cold temperature with a satisfying texture that numbs the itch and suppresses the need-to-scratch sensation experienced with skin conditions like Eczema. The concept was developed in Lauren’s final year at Brunel University London, then finessed with the help of Bridging the Gap, winning a number of entrepreneur awards and the partnership of a Dragon along the way.

Zoo Town Tasks

Zoo Town Tasks was founded to secure a future for bright and young individuals who found it difficult to access career opportunities. This platform will give them the chance to thrive in companies that have pledged to invest in the next generation of future leaders. Unemployment amongst young people is a pressing matter that needs […]


“Approximately 3 years ago, whilst walking with my sister Wendy and her little dog Floss, we discussed the possibility of her writing a short story on domestic abuse, which could be submitted to a women’s magazine and considered for publication. I was Police staff at the time and had spent 13 years of my 26 […]