Cosi Care

“1 in 5 children suffer with Eczema in the UK. 15 million people are currently suffering with the condition and this has tripled in the last 3 decades. My younger brother, Rhys, was diagnosed with severe Eczema at the age of 3 and has suffered permanent scars and multiple life-threating infections due to persistent scratching. This is how the company was born, witnessing Rhys suffer with scratching inspired me to design an aid that would offer him instant relief and offer a safe alternative. Cosi Care is an innovative business that is the first to offer instant relief to itching through a product-based design. Our patented technology combines regulated cold temperature with satisfying texture to safely kill the itching sensation. Our device safely mimics scratching, stops nasty infections and stops Eczema spiralling out of control.

Cosi Care as a concept was developed in my final year in university. Following this, I took part in the CRL accelerator to develop it further. My patented design caught the attention of a Dragon and now I am working in partnership with them to take it to market within the next 9 months.”

How has BtG helped Cosi Care?

“You must never underestimate the value in having a team of mentors that understand you and your business. Starting a business can be challenging, lonely and confusing and having experienced mentors there to chat to and talk thing through is a massive help. I truly value all that Brunel has offered to me and the support continued through Bridging the Gap after finishing my studies. A coffee, talking through challenges and the next steps with Andy has been very helpful.”

Company achievements

Winner, “Santander’s Emerging Entrepreneur of the year” – £5,000
Winner, “Mayor of London’s entrepreneur of the year” – £20,000
Winner, “Brunel Venture Competition”
Finalist, “SBID International Design Awards”
Finalist, “Santander Entrpreneur of the year” 2019