Zoo Town Tasks

Zoo Town Tasks was founded to secure a future for bright and young individuals who found it difficult to access career opportunities. This platform will give them the chance to thrive in companies that have pledged to invest in the next generation of future leaders. Unemployment amongst young people is a pressing matter that needs to be dealt with.

In 2019 there were 525,000 unemployed young people from the ages of 16-24. Only 480,000 of these people were covered by the Labour Force Survey which means there are thousands of unemployed young people which this survey does not account for.

No evidence has proven academic success leads to professional success as little or no attention is being paid to their skills and personal experiences, resulting in many candidates being robbed of a promising start to their professional life. It is also forgotten that the investment made in the personal development of young people at the beginning of their careers, is essential in moulding them into the type of professional the company sees as a success. We believe a failed approach is being used when employing, growing and developing young talents and it needs changing. This is why Zoo Town Tasks is here to help.

To help corporate companies, established organisations, start-up’s and small businesses obtain innovative and disruptive ideas, we have created a talent matching and ed-tech platform that focuses on teaching young people core skills needed in today’s workforce, whilst matching you with the right candidates who have the skills you need to deliver. We do things differently and we are proud of it!

Our platform aims to stretch young people’s thinking and challenge their perspectives by giving them fun and real-life case studies to tackle. These are marked by leading experts, so they are ready to take on real cases in the working world. This paired with their own academic and professional experiences, puts them in a stronger position to kick start their career with you.

How has BtG helped Zoo Town Tasks?

Andy has been amazing! He has supported me on my journey over the last two years by challenging some of my assumptions/findings. This has been incredibly helpful as it has steered me away from building unnecessary things. He has also helped me to think about ways I can market and commercialise my product. He has created various introductions to leading experts which has accelerated the development of my product and this is one the beginning.

I am so grateful for BtG and as a young entrepreneur it is great to have a mentor by your side who is just wants to support you with everything they have to offer.

What do companies say about Zoo Town Tasks?

Managing Director, Plum Guide
“Our company was delighted with the service Zoo Town Tasks provided. They have been fast and proactive in connecting us with smart and driven candidates who can add value to our company. I recommend them as they offer a refreshingly new approach and the overall experience was pleasant. I enjoyed working with them and will continue to do so in the future.”

CEO & Co-Founder, Eatfirst
“We were impressed with how quickly Zoo Town Tasks helped us interview and hire a candidate. They listened closely to our needs and ensured we were matched with candidates who suited our company’s work ethic and culture. They were also keen to place students who had a desire to grow with the company and add value. I would recommend using Zoo Town Tasks as they approach recruitment differently and aim to place you with the best candidates in London. I will continue to use them in the future.”

Senior marketing Manager, GTR
“I worked with Ibiere at Zoo Town Tasks to hire a Marketing Executive on our Graduate Scheme. She is very determined to match the best candidates with the best roles, and I was very satisfied with the people she sent through to me. She was professional and friendly and instils these traits in her candidates also. I would recommend using Zoo Town Tasks when looking for graduate hires.”