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Five C's Innovation Training

FiveC’s is an online training programme. It is a series of tailored lectures, presentations and facilitated workshops that are free to access for registered users.
These introduce early stage founders and entrepreneurs (who are often operating alone) to the breadth of knowledge and skills they’ll need as business leaders. The programme culminates in an optional pitch competition with a prize fund of £10000 donated by Santander Universities.

The programme breaks down into the five distinct areas that give rise to its name:.


In Capabilities, we look to develop the knowledge and skills needed to develop and implement entrepreneurship, such as finance for start-ups, business accounting, managing IP, marketing and sales.


Exploring the idea at the core of your entrepreneurial potential, and how to develop a value proposition from it. Events will include user-centred approaches to design, insight and idea generation, market and competition research and value proposition development.


Here we look at how best to determine what markets you’re in, who the customer/competition is, and how to use that information to your advantage. Topics covered will include user-centred approaches, context and meta positioning and triple bottom line impact.


This study of the essential skills needed to develop potential into a realistic business plan will cover business model planning and the basics of brand.


Finally we look at developing the skills needed to convincingly present ideas, both orally and in writing. This section includes a pitch competition with a £10,000 prize fund donated by Santander.

Programme materials.

The FiveC’s programme is a series of topics delivered online by academic and professional staff from Brunel University London with specialist mentors from the Bridging the Gap programme.

The FiveC’s material and programme is free to access for eligible and registered businesses. To log in to the programme materials please click here. To register with Bridging the Gap please click here.