Help your ideas reach their potential with the support of Bridging the Gap

Benefit from focused time with experienced mentors

Support for you.

Bridging the Gap offers a broad suite of support, ranging from an online platform, to one-to-one mentoring, to collaborations with other businesses and students at the university.

Mentoring and guidance

As well as our own mentors from within Brunel University London, our programme includes a diverse group of expert professionals, successful entrepreneurs and investors acting as programme mentors from a wide range of sectors.

For young entrepreneurs, this means mentoring which will add genuine value to your business, will help you identify solutions to business challenges and pave the way for new and relevant connection to progress your business.

Access to knowledge.

BtG is a gateway into the knowledge within the university, including:

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and seminars

These are opportunities to join other entrepreneurs in a similar situation and benefit from the expertise of a particular specialist. Whether these are hands-on workshops or the learning environment of a seminar, they are free to attend and provide invaluable learning and networking opportunities.

Research partnerships

If your business is developing new knowledge, there’s the opportunity to partner with some of the university’s experts in your field to help keep your project moving forward, and to potentially open up new avenues of research.

Student collaborations

BtG online platform

A hive of interactive learning and development for entrepreneurs, the BtG online platform’s content will help develop and drive business ideas forward, and offers a collaborative space for entrepreneurs on the programme to connect and collaborate.

Student collaborations

With the untapped talent of our students, our collaborative projects and placements give SMEs the chance to work with a final-year undergraduate or postgraduate student on a project brief focused on your own particular challenges.

Typically these collaborations run for six months and see the student (and sometimes an academic) take an idea through to a prototype design.